Old Home Week
Sep 19th, 2017 by Mike

Old Dad…this is for you!

Perusing photos from a trip to California, I found these photos:

First is the home in East Palo Alto where we lived while I was in third grade through half of sixth grade.

2243 Menalto

Our East Palo Alto House

It didn’t have the fence when we lived there and the grass was green. The front room with the slider was a garage. I remember my brother, Dan, and I getting our heads washed with Desenex shampoo (horrible stuff) because we had ringworm. Brother Tim was born when we lived here.

The we moved to Mountain View.

1221 Springer

Our Mountain View Home

I lived here until I went away to Willamette University in Salem, OR. Then I lived here off and on for my junior and senior years at San Jose State until I married Charlene. Notice there is no lawn. Dan and I each mowed half of it every Saturday with a reel style push mower. Those were the days.

Site Problems
Apr 12th, 2017 by Mike

The site has been down since April 5. After much diddling around with various facets of the database and code, I finally deleted all the plugins. Apparently, WordPress updated itself and one or more of the plugins was incompatible with the current version of WordPress. Thus, a completely blank screen when visiting the site. I’m happy to say that the site is now back up. Now to the rigor of checking each plugin for compatibility.

Old Dad…the weather is back!

New Floors
Jan 27th, 2015 by Mike

What a process. We had the carpet replaced with laminate in all of our house except the bathrooms. It was about 1150 square feet of floors.

First we had to move all the stuff that might break or fall out of the cabinets. We moved it all to the garage:


Packed Garage

Then the workers got busy.

Replacing Tile

Entry Way All Torn Up

And after two days, they finished. Wow, what a difference!


The Finished Living Room

Then our work began. We had to unpack all the boxes we’d moved to the garage and rewire all the electronics. Our son, Dave, painted the living room and both smaller bedrooms in the mean time.


Just Behind The TV


Clean Garage

And finally the garage is back to normal after having laid some of the rescued carpet down on the garage floor. We still have a few boxes to unpack, then we’ll be done. It turned into a two-week process even though the flooring guys only took two days to lay the flooring. Fortunately, they moved all the furniture, so we didn’t have to.

The Spider Web Tent
Sep 7th, 2014 by Mike

I’ve been busy scanning our collection of slides (you old timers will remember these) and came across one that we took in Yosemite National Park in 1976 while on a camping trip there. In our haste to get out of town, I failed to pack the tent poles. We had to improvise.


The Infamous Spider Web Tent

My Favorite Hot Sauce
Sep 5th, 2014 by Mike

Just got a shipment of four bottles of my favorite hot sauce, Scorned Woman. I like a few drips in casseroles and soups. It’s very hot, so I don’t use much.  The four peppers, aged tabasco, red, black, and Habañero, give it a unique flavor. I ran out a few days ago and found it online at I ordered four to amortize the very reasonable shipping charges.

Scorned Woman

The Best Hot Sauce Ever

Great News!
Jan 7th, 2014 by Mike


Kelijah In The Shredder Confetti

Just before Christmas, son, David, got engaged to be married. His future bride, Mindi, comes with a three year-old son, Kelijah. They’re planning the nuptials for early August (the 2nd or 3rd at this point). Mrs. Major and I are very excited and Mrs. Major is already chomping at the bit to plan and offer suggestions and advice. Sweet Dau #1 is also very excited and can hardly wait to meet Mindi.

David and Kelijah have strongly bonded already. Kelijah is a very smart, strong-willed child who is adorable. He’s curious about everything and remembers what he learns…careful what you teach him. He and I are already building a bond…the photo at left, for example. As we don’t have snow in our area of Florida, we created one out of shredder confetti. I think Mindi was a little taken aback when she saw the mess, but we’ve done crazier things around the Erickson house.

Nov 25th, 2013 by Mike

We just got home from a Caribbean cruise with our good friends, Jerry and Lori Roames. I just picked up the accumulated mail and we are inundated with 27 (count ’em twenty-seven) catalogs.

Fall is Here
Oct 1st, 2013 by Mike

And to celebrate we cracked a bottle of the Major’s latest:


A tasty Belgian white

Tall Grass (Continued)
Sep 19th, 2013 by Mike

Well, they fixed my lawnmower. It made it through our lawn 1.5 times before it kapooted. Now I have a half and half lawn.

Tall Grass
Sep 10th, 2013 by Mike

If they don’t fix my lawnmower soon, I’ll be able to sneak around the yard without anyone seeing me.

Bathroom Complete
Jul 12th, 2013 by Mike


Finished shower with glass

Finished vanity top

The master bath is finally done. The glass is on the shower (pictured left), the vanity top is in place (pictured below), and the tile is laid (not pictured). In the guest bath, the vanity is in place and the only thing left is to tile the floor and install the new toilet. Those tasks will probably be done early next week.
It will be good to have the workmen out of the house and have it to ourselves again.

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