The Spider Web Tent
Sep 7th, 2014 by Mike

I’ve been busy scanning our collection of slides (you old timers will remember these) and came across one that we took in Yosemite National Park in 1976 while on a camping trip there. In our haste to get out of town, I failed to pack the tent poles. We had to improvise.


The Infamous Spider Web Tent

My Favorite Hot Sauce
Sep 5th, 2014 by Mike

Just got a shipment of four bottles of my favorite hot sauce, Scorned Woman. I like a few drips in casseroles and soups. It’s very hot, so I don’t use much.  The four peppers, aged tabasco, red, black, and Habañero, give it a unique flavor. I ran out a few days ago and found it online at I ordered four to amortize the very reasonable shipping charges.

Scorned Woman

The Best Hot Sauce Ever

Nov 25th, 2013 by Mike

We just got home from a Caribbean cruise with our good friends, Jerry and Lori Roames. I just picked up the accumulated mail and we are inundated with 27 (count ’em twenty-seven) catalogs.

Tall Grass (Continued)
Sep 19th, 2013 by Mike

Well, they fixed my lawnmower. It made it through our lawn 1.5 times before it kapooted. Now I have a half and half lawn.

Tall Grass
Sep 10th, 2013 by Mike

If they don’t fix my lawnmower soon, I’ll be able to sneak around the yard without anyone seeing me.

Bathroom Complete
Jul 12th, 2013 by Mike


Finished shower with glass

Finished vanity top

The master bath is finally done. The glass is on the shower (pictured left), the vanity top is in place (pictured below), and the tile is laid (not pictured). In the guest bath, the vanity is in place and the only thing left is to tile the floor and install the new toilet. Those tasks will probably be done early next week.
It will be good to have the workmen out of the house and have it to ourselves again.

New Shower
Jul 7th, 2013 by Mike


Shower Sans Glass

For two weeks now, the workmen have been tearing out our old shower and installing a new one. Here it is without the glass installed. The glass comes on Tuesday.

The original shower has been leaking for several years and has responded only temporarily to my occasional caulking efforts. Gradually the vinyl flooring was getting darker in the leaky spots, so we decided to replace the shower and tile (done but not pictured, here) the floors.

We are pleased with the outcome, but can’t wait for the glass enclosure so we can shower in our own bathroom again. How spoiled we are.

Ups And Downs
Jul 30th, 2012 by Mike

Mountain LionYesterday was a day of anticipation as I prepared my MacBook Pro to install the latest and greatest operating system, Mountain Lion. Got it ready; clicked the button in the App Store ($20); waited the 1.5 hours for download; waited the 2 hours for install; rebooted. Crap. None of the iWorks apps would launch, Mail took 18 hours to covert the Mail database and didn’t finish, tons of other apps crashed.

Today I spend the day converting back to Lion and recovering my data. Now I’m back and running. Guess the latest and greatest isn’t really the greatest.

Golf Courses
Mar 2nd, 2012 by Mike

This was today’s bit of wisdom on my day-by-day golf calendar published by Finger League:


Golf courses have a positive impact on the economy. Every year, it is estimated that more than 25 million people spend 2.5 billion hours outside playing one of the nation’s 17,000-plus golf courses. The impact of golf facilities is $20 billion annually.

I’m proud to be associated with golf.

Back Home Again
Jan 22nd, 2012 by Mike

We got back from a seven-day cruise on the Norwegian Sun yesterday. I’m still digging out from under all the emails, snail mails, Facebook posts, and golf group changes.

The cruise was great, as always. We’ve never been on a bad one. This one was particularly fun as we cruised with ten neighbors. While we rarely saw each other during the day, we met each evening before dinner for a drink and to share dinner. On the second night we joined a progressive trivia challenge. We missed the first night, but still came in second.

In the week I was gone, we had seven new guys sign up to play in our Thursday golf group. I’m the “Commissioner” of the group. I arrange the tee times, make up the foursomes, keep the statistics, and handle all the details of what is involved in maintaining the group. Thus, I’ve been scrambling to revise the schedule and add tee times for next Thursday. Fortunately, Royal Oaks, where we’re playing, was very accommodating in adding players.

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It’s Never Simple
Nov 14th, 2011 by Mike

When we selected the features for our current home seven and a half years ago, we elected not to have the ceiling fixtures reinforced in the two spare bedrooms as we didn’t plan to hang ceiling fans there. The Villages wanted to charge us $100 each, so we opted out.

Fast forward a few years. The front bedroom became Mrs. Major’s sewing/hobby room and the back bedroom became my “study”. Now, Mrs. Major, who is almost always hot, ended up in the warmest room in the house. She usually has a portable fan or two blowing up a storm while she is in there.

Fast forward to last Friday. After seven and a half years, being the loving, yet procrastinating, husband that I am, I suggested we hang fans in both bedrooms. (I figured as long as I’m going to hang one, I might as well do two.) So we went to Lowes and picked out a couple of fans. Since there was still light left after we had visited a friend who is in a rehab facility near Lowes, I decided I would go up in the attic and reinforce the existing fixture mount by screwing it into a 2×4 placed above it.

Since it was about 40 feet of twists, turns, and contortions from the attic above the garage, which has a plywood floor and a drop-down ladder installed, to the light fixture site, I decided to get into the attic using the hatch in the hallway, about 10 feet from the fixture. It was still a little over, under, and around, but at least it was closer. Our attic has about a foot of blown in fiberglass insulation. You can imagine what happened when I opened the hatch. I spent the next 10 minutes collecting insulation.

Up I finally went. Unfortunately, once I located the fixture and uncovered it, I discovered the electrical box was a flimsy plastic one that would never support a ceiling fan. I was barely strong enough to hole the light fixture.

So back to Lowes…actually I think it was Home Depot this time. I bought two Saf-T-Braces and a couple of masks to minimize my coughing. By then I called it a day.

Saturday we had an event at 10:30 that would last until around 1:30 and another we had to leave for at 5:00. So, between the two, I finally got the Saf-T-Brace and fan installed. So much for the first fan.

The next day, Sunday, I removed the fixture in the study in preparation for the installation of the second Saf-T-Brace and discovered that the box was metal and was screwed directly into a stud. No need for reinforcement. The installation of the second ceiling fan went smoothly.

So tomorrow, I take the second Saf-T-Brace back to Home Depot.

Old Dad, I hope you enjoy this post. :roll:

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