Jun 3rd, 2012 by Mike

What are the three branches of government?

Name at least two members of the supreme court.

Point to Louisiana on a map?

The majority of Americans—three in four—identify Larry, Curly and Moe as the Three Stooges. That’s certainly understandable. But only two out of five respondents can correctly identify the executive, legislative, and judicial as the three branches of government.

More than three quarters of Americans can name at least two of the seven dwarfs, while less than a quarter can name two members of the Supreme Court.

Less than six months after Hurricane Katrina, one third of those surveyed couldn’t point to Louisiana on a map. 1Source Readers’ Digest, June 2012, citing, business, and as their sources.

Really? And I thought Jay-Walking was a set-up.

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1. Source Readers’ Digest, June 2012, citing, business, and as their sources.
Golf and Government
May 25th, 2012 by Mike

“The difference between golf and government is that in golf you can’t improve your lie.”
—Former California Governor George Deukmejian

Cheer Up! 17 Reasons It’s a Great Time to Be Alive | Reader’s Digest
Mar 20th, 2012 by Mike

Do you ever get depressed reading or watching the news or discussing current events with a neighbor or friend? I do sometimes. Maybe the problem is with the source of our information. Optimism doesn’t sell newspapers, get viewers, or win elections.

We’ve been lied to, folks. Things are better than they were 50 years ago. The gold old days weren’t as good as the good now days.

Check out Matt Ridley’s article in the April Reader’s Digest:

Cheer Up! 17 Reasons It’s a Great Time to Be Alive | Reader’s Digest.

Golf Courses
Mar 2nd, 2012 by Mike

This was today’s bit of wisdom on my day-by-day golf calendar published by Finger League:


Golf courses have a positive impact on the economy. Every year, it is estimated that more than 25 million people spend 2.5 billion hours outside playing one of the nation’s 17,000-plus golf courses. The impact of golf facilities is $20 billion annually.

I’m proud to be associated with golf.

The Hard Part’s Over
Feb 29th, 2012 by Mike


Whew! Look at the Temps

Well, the hard part is over with. Today, the dentist pulled #8, chopped off a bunch of bone and stuffed it into the hole #8 left, ground #7 down to fit a crown, and knocked off the crown on #9. His assistant made the temporary bridge pictured here.

I feel pretty well all considered. My gums are a little roughed up and of course the socket where the tooth was extracted is throbbing a little. The naproxin sodium seems to be working, though. I’m also on six days worth of antibiotics.

Probably the most uncomfortable part will be the prohibition on rinsing my mouth for two weeks. Apparently, they stuffed some compound into the socket over the bone graft to hold  everything together. That along with the temporary bridge is keeping everything packed tight. They’re afraid if I rinse my mouth, especially with mouthwash, it will dissolve the compound and everything will come tumbling out. Just don’t get downwind of my breath.

If everything goes well, in two weeks I’ll return so they can make impressions for the permanent bridge.

Let’s hope all goes well.

I’m tired. I think I’ll take a nap.

The Continuing Saga of #8
Feb 28th, 2012 by Mike

The Last Time It Happened

They’re going to knock my front teeth out tomorrow. All because of #8. In a previous post, I introduced the woes I was having with my right incisor, #8.

Back in July, #8 broke and the dentist re-crowned it. It has since begun to migrate so that it’s no longer lined up with my other front teeth. X-rays show that the tooth, the foundation upon which the crown rests, it coming apart. This is probably the result of the collision of my front teeth with my brother Dan’s forehead.

I should have chosen to have a gap ($0) rather then the crown ($1100) because now I have the choice between a gap and a bridge ($2775) or an implant ($???). Of course the gap is out of the question (see picture) and my periodontist does not recommend the implant on my front tooth for various reasons which I will not go into here.

So tomorrow, they’re going to pull #8, knock the crown off of #9, and prep #7 for a crown so after my mouth heals, they  build a bridge between #7 and #9 with a reasonable facsimile of #8 in the middle.

Hopefully, Dan’s head has fared better than my tooth.

Back Home Again
Jan 22nd, 2012 by Mike

We got back from a seven-day cruise on the Norwegian Sun yesterday. I’m still digging out from under all the emails, snail mails, Facebook posts, and golf group changes.

The cruise was great, as always. We’ve never been on a bad one. This one was particularly fun as we cruised with ten neighbors. While we rarely saw each other during the day, we met each evening before dinner for a drink and to share dinner. On the second night we joined a progressive trivia challenge. We missed the first night, but still came in second.

In the week I was gone, we had seven new guys sign up to play in our Thursday golf group. I’m the “Commissioner” of the group. I arrange the tee times, make up the foursomes, keep the statistics, and handle all the details of what is involved in maintaining the group. Thus, I’ve been scrambling to revise the schedule and add tee times for next Thursday. Fortunately, Royal Oaks, where we’re playing, was very accommodating in adding players.

NOTE: This will be the last post that will be using my old subscription method for notifying readers of new posts. Be sure to sign up at the top of the left sidebar. (If you don’t see a sidebar, click on the sidebar tab to show it.)

Made The Leap
Jan 10th, 2012 by Mike

So I finally made the leap to a new theme. The old one was called Simplicity, but was kind of boring. This one is called Ahimsa by Ravi Sarma. It’s a tad more colorful and has these neat rounded corners on everything. The theme is skinable, so I’ll be able to change the color scheme, if necessary. Now the only thing left to do is to revamp the Now Reading library to display properly under this theme.

I hope you enjoy the new eye candy.

By the way, if you don’t see the sidebars, there is a tab on each side labeled sidebar which when clicked will reveal them. Conversely, if they’re shown, you can hide each one by clicking on its sidebar tab.

New Subscription Engine
Dec 24th, 2011 by Mike

For ever since I can remember, I’ve used Subscribe 2 to support those of you who wanted to get emails when I posted. I’m switching to Jetpack, a native WordPress widget, to do that. I’m not going to try to port all the subscriptions over to the new system, so if you still want to subscribe, please use the widget on the top left to add your email to the new subscription list.

Bored With Current Theme
Dec 23rd, 2011 by Mike

I’m getting bored with the current theme, Simplicity. I’m going to change it, but I haven’t found one that floats my boat. Also, every time I change themes, Now Reading, the plug-in that displays the books I’m reading, breaks. The theme writers don’t use the same names for similar style elements, so plug-ins that use templates that display whole screens break if the names change. Perhaps I’ll get lucky and have the new theme use the same style names as the old theme.

Dec 21st, 2011 by Mike

Garage Christmas

Some People Get TP'd, We Get Bulbed

After a fun visit with our son, David (aka the Fig), our adopted daughter Shannon (aka #2 Daughter), and two of our three granddudes, Lane and Jackson, Mrs. Major and I left about 6pm for a Christmas pitch-in with the Villages Homebrew Club. We had a great time gabbing with the club members and spouses, eating yummy food, and sampling several brews. When we opened our garage door a couple of hours later, we were greeted by an array of Christmas lights, strung from every conceivable protuberance and the blaring sound of Christmas music coming from my garage radio.

Of course we took several photos and texted this one to the Fig and #2 (also to #1 who is still in Indiana). Turns out they were all waiting at a nearby restaurant waiting to hear from us. As #2 and the dudes had a 2.5 hour drive home, we were surprised they waited. But glad.

I finally got all the strings down and tied up back in the big box. No way was I going to try to put the strings in their original boxes.

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