Cheer Up! 17 Reasons It’s a Great Time to Be Alive | Reader’s Digest
Mar 20th, 2012 by Mike

Do you ever get depressed reading or watching the news or discussing current events with a neighbor or friend? I do sometimes. Maybe the problem is with the source of our information. Optimism doesn’t sell newspapers, get viewers, or win elections.

We’ve been lied to, folks. Things are better than they were 50 years ago. The gold old days weren’t as good as the good now days.

Check out Matt Ridley’s article in the April Reader’s Digest:

Cheer Up! 17 Reasons It’s a Great Time to Be Alive | Reader’s Digest.

The Hard Part’s Over
Feb 29th, 2012 by Mike


Whew! Look at the Temps

Well, the hard part is over with. Today, the dentist pulled #8, chopped off a bunch of bone and stuffed it into the hole #8 left, ground #7 down to fit a crown, and knocked off the crown on #9. His assistant made the temporary bridge pictured here.

I feel pretty well all considered. My gums are a little roughed up and of course the socket where the tooth was extracted is throbbing a little. The naproxin sodium seems to be working, though. I’m also on six days worth of antibiotics.

Probably the most uncomfortable part will be the prohibition on rinsing my mouth for two weeks. Apparently, they stuffed some compound into the socket over the bone graft to hold  everything together. That along with the temporary bridge is keeping everything packed tight. They’re afraid if I rinse my mouth, especially with mouthwash, it will dissolve the compound and everything will come tumbling out. Just don’t get downwind of my breath.

If everything goes well, in two weeks I’ll return so they can make impressions for the permanent bridge.

Let’s hope all goes well.

I’m tired. I think I’ll take a nap.

Jul 3rd, 2011 by Mike

Turns out there was enough of the #8 tooth (right front upper incisor) to save after it had broken off. So the dentist did a root canal, added a post and the assistant created a temp…much too white, but they said the permanent crown would match #9. The finished crown gets installed on July 13.

Oh Yeah, and…
Jun 24th, 2011 by Mike

Yesterday, they stabilized #8 by gluing it to #7. It just broke loose, now #8 is wobbling around in my face.

What Next?
Jun 24th, 2011 by Mike

I’m about back to 100% from my ulcer incident. But…

Yesterday, I cracked my right front incisor (tooth also called #8). It’s one of the two that I had crowned in December ’09 because #9 was off colored as a result of a collision with my brother, Dan, when we were but children. My dentist and Mrs. Major had been after me for years to take care of the unsightly tooth, so I finally did. Now #8 is broken…not only just the crown but also the tooth. I’m scheduled for a root canal and a re-crown on Monday to the tune of about $1100 (my share after insurance). Sigh.

If I’m lucky, that’s what will happen. If the tooth is cracked into the root, the tooth is not restorable and I’ll probably have to have a bridge or a gap. I’m sure the gap will be the cheapest…the bridge costing an arm, torso, and first born child.

Some say bad things happen in threes. Hopefully, the third thing will happen to someone else…someone on a different planet.

Good To Go
Jun 16th, 2011 by Mike

Just got cleared to go home. It will probably be an hour an a half before we’re out of here. They have lot’s of meds on the wing to dispense and paperwork to do. I’ll have some medicine to take and have a couple of follow-up visits, but I think we’re done.

Thanks for all of your prayers.

Update #2 Noon (or so) Thursday
Jun 16th, 2011 by Mike

They gave me 2 more units of blood last night. When I came in Monday night my hemoglobin was 5.9 (extremely low). Male normal is 10-14. After Tuesday’s 3 units of blood and the EGD ulcer repair it was 8.2 so they wanted to get me up higher, thus the 2 extra units. This morning my hemo was 10.2. We’re all pleased.

Depending on what the noon reading is and what the doctors say, I may get to go home later this afternoon/evening.

Other than the cold soup and warm popsicles, I’m doing fine.

I appreciate all the prayers and well wishes. Thank you.

Got Fired Today
Sep 28th, 2009 by Mike

Apparently, I really offended my dentist, Dr. Adam Still, (or his operations manager, Stacy Markle), of Laurel Manor Dental. Offended enough that they no longer want me (or Mrs. Major) as a patient. Here’s what happened:

About a year and a half ago, Dr. Still recommended that I replace the crowns on teeth 18 and 19 as they were beginning to “leak” and I would begin to get cavities underneath them soon. He gave me a treatment plan for the two crowns at $2200. 1Actually $910 per crown and $195 each for buildups…so it’s really $2210. I have this minimalist dental insurance 2It’s The Retiree Dental Program for retired military which we pay for. It doesn’t cover all the costs and for crowns there is a max per crown that is very low. They only pay 50% with a max of $350 per crown. that was already maxed out for last fiscal year, so I tried to negotiate with the doctor on the price. He pretty much laughed me off.

I waited until the beginning of this fiscal year and attempted to renegotiate a better price for the two crowns. He refused. When my perodontist also recommended that I get the crowns replaced, I began to shop around to see if a local dentist would do them for less. The good folks at Royal Dental concurred with Laurel Manor Dental’s diagnosis and agreed to replace the crowns for $699 each. I requested that Laurel Manor Dental send my x-rays to Royal Dental so that they could do the work. Which they did for the agreed upon price. They did a great job, too.

A week or so later, I got a letter from Stacy Markle stating that Laurel Manor Dental was sorry to see me leave and was wishing me the “very best in your future dental care.” I called Ms. Markle several times but was unsuccessful. The last time I left her a message on her voicemail stating that I was not changing dentists. I just wanted to save $800 on my crowns. Other than the price for the crowns, I was completely satisfied with Laurel Manor Dental.

Yesterday, I received a “Dear John” letter from Ms. Markle. I quote it here:

As referenced in my letter to you dated July 20th 2009 it is my understanding that you have chosen to seek dental care elsewhere. You indicated such to us when you requested your radiographs be forwarded to another office in order to have your treatment performed there. As a practice policy, we do not assume responsibility for treatment received outside of this office when we have diagnosed treatment and established a relationship with our patient. Therefore, as stated in my letter, we regret your decision, however, wish you the very best in your future dental care. 3I can’t help it. The punctuation in the first sentence is amiss. And one doesn’t diagnose a treatment; one prescribes a treatment.

A nice, friendly letter making it seem like I had abandoned our relationship. Figuring that a business manager would be loath to loose two valued customers in these tough economic times, I called Ms. Markle. I was astounded that, indeed, I was fired as a patient. They had cancelled my appointment for a cleaning for Wednesday.

I guess we’ll have to find another dentist.

Footnotes   [ + ]

1. Actually $910 per crown and $195 each for buildups…so it’s really $2210.
2. It’s The Retiree Dental Program for retired military which we pay for. It doesn’t cover all the costs and for crowns there is a max per crown that is very low. They only pay 50% with a max of $350 per crown.
3. I can’t help it. The punctuation in the first sentence is amiss. And one doesn’t diagnose a treatment; one prescribes a treatment.
Big Brother
Aug 7th, 2009 by Mike

From the White House Blog:

There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care.  These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation.  Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to

Seems a little Orwellian to me. Beware: don’t post anything anti ObamaCare or your web site, ip address, or email might make it to the White House suspects list.

Oh, crap . . .

Sometimes Dentistry Is Not Perfect
Aug 5th, 2009 by Mike

Went in today to my alternate dentist to have the permanent crowns installed on 18 and 19. The one on 18 fit perfectly, they couldn’t get 19 to fit. So they took new impressions and had to send in for a new one. 2.25 hours shot.

I say alternate dentist because my regular dentist insisted that I replace these two crowns then proceeded to give me an estimate of $2400. So, since my insurance is crap (will probably pay $250 for each) and my regular dentist refused to negotiate, I shopped around and found my alternate dentist who is doing them both for $1398.

Got me to thinking. If we had to shop around for medical care instead of our insurance paying most of the bill, maybe medical care wouldn’t cost so much. Just saying.

Nov 11th, 2008 by Mike

I’m 98% recovered. Whew.

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