Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Thanksgiving Centerpiece by Mrs. Major
Thanksgiving Centerpiece by Mrs. Major

This is the centerpiece that Mrs. Major designed for the Thanksgiving 2008 table. Pretty creative, huh?

Tomorrow we leave for our cruise. I marked all the books I intend to read as “currently reading” but only five of them showed up in the sidebar. You can see them all by clicking on any of the books then clicking on the “back to library” link on the resulting page.

We’re almost all packed. We’ve got a couple of bags of pecan bark to deliver to the neighbors, and Mrs. Major is finishing up a batch of buckeyes for Son Major who will stop by tomorrow to wish us well on our trip. We’ll load him down with all of the food that would go bad during our trip.

I’ve just finished reviewing our itinerary, making sure all the flights are supposed to go when we thought they would, checking with the hotel we’ll be staying at tomorrow night. We’re spending the night at a hotel near the Orlando airport where we will leave the car during our cruise. It’s a pretty neat deal. 

I’m really not going to post tomorrow, so I’ll “see” you after Christmas.

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