A Couple of Thoughts

I just went through my many boxes of electronic stuff to organize and throw out. I don’t know how I did it, but among the yards of phone lines, miles of coaxial cable, and plethora of plugs, I found 15, count ’em, 15 AC adapters of various sizes and voltages. These do not include all the cell phone chargers, of which we have many. I must have kept them in spite of tossing the equipment to which they supply the juice.

I’m also getting real tired of this Halloween theme I’ve got going here. I’m glad October is almost over so I can change it. Maybe I’ll change it anyway.

2 thoughts on “A Couple of Thoughts

  1. Funny how we save things just in case and forget them.

    I hear the theme thing. But I loved the index page I did at http://mizbee.net but every time I open the editor it moves the header so I have to shove it back in the center. Had I been able to put it in a table that wouldn’t happen.

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