In God We Trust Bruhaha

plateIn case you missed it, the ACLU is suing the State of Indiana on behalf of Mark Studler because Indiana is not charging a $15.oo fee for the popular “In God We Trust” license plates. Rather than recap the entire “adventure” here, I’ll point you to two blogs that disagree on the reason for the lawsuit.

John at The Daily Detour says it’s about God.

Gary Varvel 1link no longer valid says it isn’t.

Both think it’s ridiculous; so do I.


1 link no longer valid

3 thoughts on “In God We Trust Bruhaha

  1. I loved reading all of the “comments” on the Greg Varvel link! Wow! And I live here! My only thought is as Christians if we put as much effort in to the “ministry” as we did fighting others would we be fighting others about this! Should our license plates be the telling factor that we trust in God? Should it not be our lives! I’ll stick with my Riley plate and let my life be the example!

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