Code Changes

Today I made some code changes to the template that displays this site. That little guitar that displays below each post is now part of the background code instead of code in each post. The advantage is that (1) I don’t have to cut code from a text editor and paste it into each post and (2) if I want to change the icon, I can just change it on the server by uploading a graphic with the name post_bullet.png. The disadvantage is that if I change the template, I have to make code changes to a few files in the new template.

Tomorrow we upgrade to WordPress 2.3 (If I have time).

6 thoughts on “Code Changes

  1. This entire post read like complete gibberish to me!
    I have no idea what you are talking about, but I’m sure it’s all very good what you’re doing and I’m behind you 100%!

  2. I have to use DreamWeaver at work and it makes me flipping nuts! Granted, I have learned a lot more about html coding and stuff, but it is a royal pain. That’s why my own page is done via LiveJournal. Sooooo much easier. But, even there, I use a little bit of code to get what I want on the page.

    Kudos to you for “getting” this stuff!

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