Emily Faith Graves

Graves Family

Charlene and I were privileged to visit the Graves Family in Grand Prairie, TX, last week for the birth of their new, precious daughter, Emily Faith. At 9 lbs. 2 oz., she was ready to be born, and Kathy was ready to have her.

We’re happy to report that mother, baby, and family are all doing well. We were also surprised that Kathy’s mom, Linda Hurt, was able to be there as well. She was able to hitch a ride with Uncle George at the last minute. He was moving to Arizona and was happy to drop her by. She’s a fun lady.

What a wonderful visit we had. We love Scott and Kathy to death, and their kids are a joy to be around. They are well behaved, smart, and enjoy talking and “playing” with us. We had an engaging and satisfying visit.