Government At Work

Quoted from The Villages Daily Sun:

Georgia: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Animal-control officers in Cobb County have cited tow women for having their dogs off leashes–even though the women were in a park created specifically to let dogs off leashes. When Cobb opend an off-leash dog park last month, it seems, officials didn’t take the county’s leash law into account.

“It’s ludicrous to say it’s off-leash and to give people tickes for having them off the leash,” 1Duh said Clare Salkin, who was ticketed for violating the law. She has a court date in about three weeks for unleashing Bob, her Labrador-mix.

The county says it has stopped enforcing the leash law in the park 2Even though those already ticketed are being prosecuted. It plans to clarify its ordinances to make it legal for people to unleash dogs in the park, said a county spokesman.


1 Duh
2 Even though those already ticketed are being prosecuted

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  1. That’s the writers of ordinances for ya… that is the legal system until it’s corrected. They should move to San Antonio where no tickets are written for any animal law it seems. Warnings that aren’t heeded. Want my neighbors at large cat?

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