iBook is Full


Ready For A New Drive
Ready For A New Drive

Monday I disassembled by iBook G4 in anticipation of a new larger disk drive arriving. Here’s a photo of the disassembled pieces minus the screws. 

I originally came with a 60 gigabyte drive which was getting too small and also starting to make strange noises. Thinking the drive was about to head south on me, I ordered a new 250 gigabyte hard drive to replace the old one.

Unfortunately, replacing an iBook drive requires the almost total disassembly of the computer. It’s certainly not as easy as replacing a drive in a desktop computer where the most you have to do is remove the cover, remove a few screws, unplug the old drive, plug in the new one, replace the screws and reinstall the cover.

My Mac Mini has a small drive, too. It’s 90 gigabytes. Maybe I’ll put the 250 in the Mini and the 90 in the iBook.

I think I’ll start searching for a repair manual for the Mini.

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