Inconsistent Religion

From The Ivy Jungle Network Campus Ministry Update Summer 2008

Although the US is one of the most religious nations in the world, a survey by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life shows many believe things which contradict their stated faith.70% of those who claim religious affiliation believe multiple religions can lead to salvation and 68% believe in multiple interpretations of their own religion.57% of self-identified evangelicals believe multiple religions can lead to salvation.21% of self-identified atheists believe that some kind of God exists.80% of respondents believe in moral standards of right and wrong, but only 29% claim their religious teachings help them determine those standards. A copy of the report can be read at June 23, 2008)

6 thoughts on “Inconsistent Religion

  1. I think it is a good thing. Personally,I don’t think there is any way for humans to truly know the divine. We can try and sometimes we can get close. But every religion says it is the true path. So either all of them – except one – are wrong and damned, or there is no path, or there are many paths. I find the last the most reasonable and loving.

  2. When I see what some churches teach I think it is quite alright for people to re-interpert their teaching. Of course it would be better if they sought out a church more to their beliefs.

    btw thanks for the well wishes.

  3. I think it’s a result of culture and human nature. Today’s culture and human nature dictate that moral determinations are personal. What seems right to me is right and what seems wrong to me is wrong. Assuming that the person calling him/herself a certain religion actually knows what that religion teaches (I know. I know. It’s a stretch to assume that. For example, how can an atheist believe that some kind of God exists when atheism is the belief that no god exists?), it’s difficult to agree with all the teachings of any religion. Our culture says it’s OK to adhere to the tenets we agree with and ignore others.

    Our culture is either shaping our religion or we don’t know what our religions are teaching us.

  4. Interesting study. My opinion (and of course I have one!) is that yes, culture shapes religion. I would suggest that making a religion constant is not possible; indeed, is not even all bad. Religion isn’t a way to “have eternal life” as mentioned in the study. If one adheres to the Christian scripture, it’s obvious that religion isn’t a path to God, the person of Christ is that path. I believe that religion is NOT equal to God, it’s just a way to practise knowing God while we’re in this form. Another thing to think about: is it possible that people are discovering the Divine — real, personal, discovery of God — in ways that don’t line up with their religions? And… wouldn’t that be great?

  5. Let the 💡 of the universe shine ❗ Are you the light? Are you the water or the wave? Can you seperate the two?

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