John and Cara

John and Cara

My nephew, John Erickson, is getting married in July in California. We don’t have all the details, yet, but we know it’s on the 7th and it will be in Southern California.

We’re trying to decide how to get there as we have another wedding in Indianapolis on the 22nd.

We examined flying, but that is too expensive at this time. Besides, we want to see Charlene’s family in San Jose, up north. Round trip visiting both locations is around $450 each. Yipes!

Soooo… we may drive, even though the round trip is over 6,000 miles. We’d probably take the whole month of July for the trip. We haven’t done that before, but it will allow us to see some sights we haven’t seen in our many travels across the country.

I the past we’ve been in too much of a hurry to see much, so this may afford us the chance to so some site seeing.

Of course there’s no way we’re taking the bus. I’d never get Charlene on one.