Knee Surgery Update

Well, here you go. This is what Mrs. Major’s knees looked like yesterday when I changed her dressings 1You can click on the picture or title to get a large sized photo if you care to.

All in all, she’s doing very well. Monday, the home care nurse and physical therapist were amazed at her mobility and flexibility. She’s walking around on her own using a walker, but she can get herself anywhere in the house she needs to go.

Yesterday, the home health care company delivered a constant physical motion (CPM) machine. We put her leg in it and it flexes and extends her leg from fully extended to whatever degree she chooses to have it flexed. The scheme is to keep increasing the flex as time goes on. She started at 70º at the hospital but is now up to 90º. The physical therapist was here today and said she’s way ahead of schedule.

This morning her left knee was very stiff and painful. She was a little worried because she thought it was a setback, but after her exercises, the knee loosened up and the pain subsided. The PT said that it was normal considering she didn’t move her legs all night long. Maybe we’ll put her on the CPM tonight while she sleeps.

The only disadvantage of the CPM is that she can’t get into or out of it without help, so she’s not as independent as she was on Monday, but the therapy is doing tons of good, so the inconvenience is worth it.

She has been working very hard at her exercises. She’s very determined and courageous. I’m proud of her.

She has appreciated all the cards and calls she’s been getting. Thanks to all of you who’ve sent your well-wishes.


1 You can click on the picture or title to get a large sized photo if you care to

6 thoughts on “Knee Surgery Update

  1. Wow ! we sure learn a lot by having Char go through it for us! Sounds like she is doing great! Appreciate the up to the minute news and pictures!

  2. Charlene,
    Your knees look great. The bruising and swelling isn’t bad at all. We’re so glad that you’re doing well.
    Let us know when you’re up to a brief visit.

  3. Char,

    We are so proud of you! You’re doing great! Rest when you need to and keep pressing on. You’ll be back dancing with Mike in no time.

    Thanks so much for the very encouraging cards you sent our kids while their mom was in Africa. It touched them to read your words. They thought it was even more amazing when they learned that you were in the midst of a double knee replacement and recovery when you sent them the cards.

    We love you guys!

  4. Besides the pretty yellow and purple colors and the 45 staples your legs look great. (Better than my pasty white ones) I need some sun for sure.
    I’m so happy things are progressing.
    You’re awesome Mike, thanks for being such a great care giver. Its a hard job and I love you for doing it. We all appreciate you and your dedication to Charlene.
    Cocktails for everyone!! (Two for Mike)
    Yippee 😀

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