Knee Surgery Update

Mrs. Major gave her final pint of blood yesterday. It wasn’t the ordeal that the first one was. The phlebotomist closed her eyes, said a silent prayer, opened here eyes, and stuck Mrs. Major’s vein on the first try. No bruising, even today. Now we have the pre-op visit on the 12th and the surgery on the 15th.

Mrs. Major is really looking forward to the day when her knees don’t hurt constantly. She’s even looking forward to the hard work involved in the recovery process. Three cheers for Mrs. Major.

2 thoughts on “Knee Surgery Update

  1. Char, we’re going to have a mojito in celebration of your coming knees!

  2. I agree all the way around! Mojitos and pain free knees!!
    I know how much pain she was in Jan 07 when she was here for moms funeral. It is no fun. My empathy is endless.
    As far as the awesome phlebotomist,she probably really didn’t open her eyes! In my experience, my easiest sticks where the ones I did by feel and not by sight. It is sometimes better not to aim at the vein. Veins have a pretty clever way of avoiding the needle. So if you just keep the vein under your finger you’re not likely to miss.
    Still… not to repeat my self but… Equal parts morophine and physical therapy in addition to her upbeat attitude she is sure to have better results than not.
    You know Mike, Grandma had her hip replaced and made it OK. Char will be good to go by next summer. You guys will have to do Greece or Rome or somewhere to celebrate her new knees! 😛

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