Milkweed With Aphides

Miklweed With Ahpides
Milkweed is a host plant for the Monarch butterfly. I have quite a stand of it in a sunny location on the east side of my house. The Monarch feed on the flowers and the Monarch caterpillar eat the leaves, sometimes stripping an entire plant in a couple of days if there are a lot of caterpillars.This plant is covered with aphis (or more properly with aphides, the plural of aphis). It would be nice to get rid of them, but any method I have researched would also kill the Monarch eggs or caterpillars…so eradicating the aphides is not an option if I want to host the Monarch.Fortunately, although I have many plants that are susceptible to aphides infestation, Crape Myrtle being one of them, none seem to be susceptible to the variety of aphis that infest the milkweed.

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