6 thoughts on “Officials

  1. All of those people who are left jobless should stop paying their taxes. Maybe they’ll get a nice job. ( You know the difference between Jesus and Obama, don’t you?? Jesus knew how to build a cabinet.)

  2. I’m quite sure the Republican’s have as many tax dodgers and I seem to recall Bush had some cabinet problems too.

    If this is turning into a bash the president blog you can take me off the list. 😐 😯 😕 😉

  3. No. No. Bonnie. The Republicans are the ones that have trouble with text messages to minors and “signals” in restrooms. (They’re the family values ones you know). The Dems are the ones that have trouble with taxes. (They’re the ones who accused the Reps of a culture of corruption). This is an equal opportunity blog.

  4. We all know that the Dems are not the only ones with tax problems, and the Reps are not the only ones that mess around in bathrooms. I feel for you Mike it is going to be a long four (maybe 8 😀 ) years. I remember the last eight years and all the times I was upset by something the White House did. Hang in there. 😉

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