Perhaps We’re Done


Five O'Clock Radar
Five O'clock Radar

Looks like we’re in the clear. Here’s the radar at around five o’clock. You can hardly see it but we’re right where the little plus with the circle around it is. Click on the image and you can see a larger version.

I drove around earlier (had to get a bulb for my left brake light which had burned out and mail a couple of packages) and observed the results of Fay. There are bushels (probably tons) of Spanish moss on the ground having been blown down from the Live Oak trees. Also all of the Villages ponds are overflowing.

The ponds are used to hold irrigation water. We have two water systems: Potable and irrigation. The potable, of course, is treated, but the irrigation is rainwater and irrigation runoff. We use the irrigation water to irrigate (dah) our yards and The Villages irrigates the golf courses and landscaping. 

The golf course and landscaping sprinklers are running in many places to lower the water in the overflowing ponds. We’ve been on water restrictions for over a year, maybe we’ve finally made up the deficits caused by the recent drought. 

Maybe Fay will be kind enough to turn left into Georgia. They could sure use the rain.

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