Rick & Marilynn

Wow! What a great visit we had with our friends Rick and Marilynn Phipps. One of the drawbacks of retiring to Florida is that you leave all your friends behind. Rick and Marilynn are good friends whom we abandoned when we moved. We worked for several years with them in youth ministry at Chapel Rock Christian Church. Rick and I always greeted each other with a huge hug while saying, “My Brothah!” Charlene and I taught their three daughters, Laura, Stephanie, and Emily in 9th grade Sunday school, and Emily played guitar and sang in our band, “Free Delivery.” We spent a lot of time together in youth worship on Wednesday nights, many hours together on the Youth Mission Committee, and lots of work time together (mostly tearing buildings apart) with Mission Indy. Rick is a funny, sometimes goofy, guy who loves teen-agers and the Lord. Marilynn brings stability to the couple. She loves the Lord and teens, too. Although we only shared 24 hours during this visit, they enriched our lives once again. We love you guys!

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