Pills, The New Marijuana

As summarized in the Ivy Jungle newsletter, CNN reports an alarming trend:

Prescription drugs and “pharma parties” have become increasingly popular among teenager and college students. The National Center on Alcohol and Substance Abuse reports that the proportion of college students abusing opiods (i.e Vicodin, etc.) has increased 343% between 1993 and 2005. Tranquilizers (Xanax, Vallium, etc.) went up by 450% and abuse of stimulants like Adderall (an ADD medication) has increased by 93%. These drugs are easy to find in many home medicine cabinets. A CASA study in Minnesota and Wisconsin showed that almost a third of teenagers taking medication for ADHD had been approached to sell or trade their drugs. (cnn.com July 5, 2007)

Not only is this an alarming trend, it’s extremely dangerous behavior. Although marijuana can impede long term emotional development with chronic use, overdoses rarely result in death. Nor is marijuana as physically addictive some of these other drugs. Not that I advocate the use of marijuana.

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