She’s Home

Hallelujah, we’re home. Charlene did so well, she didn’t have to go to a rehab facility. In fact, she just got herself out of the chair and headed for the bathroom refusing any help from me. 

I think that will be it for now. Tomorrow, we have the first visit from the home health care folks and I’m going to try to compose my thoughts on the last three days. 

Suffice it to say, Mrs. Major has been a real trooper during all of this. 

Again, we appreciate all of your prayers, thoughts, and encouragement.

8 thoughts on “She’s Home

  1. I love independent, strong women. I think it runs in the family. 😎

  2. Terrific! Knew she could do it! The worst is over. Carry on………….

  3. Let’s just face it: Char’s a rockstar. You’re not too shabby, either, Dadness.

    Love you!

  4. Ouch! nice picture on the knees. Glad your recovering nicely. I pick you for my Mini partner next May.

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