Endowed Bathroom

From the Campus Ministry Update February 2008 by The Ivy Jungle:

 Endowed Bathroom:   A venture capitalist has given $25,000 to the University of Colorado to endow a bathroom.  The lavatory in the business school will have a sign outside it featuring the inspiring quote:   “The best ideas often come at inconvenient times.  Don’t ever close your mind to them.”   (Inside Higher Ed January 29, 2008)

Social Justice Interest Up On Campus

Quoted from the Campus Ministry Update from the Ivy Jungle:

Increasing Interest in Social Justice: As the election cycle heats up, both parties are taking notice of the increasing interest of younger Christian voters in a number of issues related to social justice. AIDS, poverty, and the environment are all of interest to a demographic long associated only with abortion and homosexual issues. One indicator is that evangelical Wheaton College (IL) boasts the second most active chapter of the Student Global AIDS Campaign – behind Harvard. Coupled with greater involvement by a number of campus ministries, today’s students see a very real connection between the gospel and social engagement. (Daily Northwestern April 25, 2007)

It remains to be seen, however, whether either party can get students to the polls.