Cost of College

“According to the College Board’s Trends in College Pricing 2010, the average cost of undergraduate education at an in-state, four-year, public institution was $16,140 — a 6.1-percent increase from 2009.” 1MOAA News Exchange, April 6, 2100

Wow! Who can afford that? No wonder students rack up thousands in debt.


1 MOAA News Exchange, April 6, 2100

Leaving Church Behind

According to Barna, only about 25% of teenagers are active in a youth group; a statistic that has remained relatively flat for the last decade. Lifeway Christian Resources reports that many students drop out around age 16. Their research indicates that many teens do not find church relevant or think it meets the needs of young people today. While in the past they may have come for free food and entertainment, today’s teens don’t want to be relegated to basement pizza parties. They are looking for significance and connections. Sadly, the numbers fall again when they leave for college. (USA Today August 11, 2010) 1published in the Ivy Jungle Network Newsletter, August 2010


1 published in the Ivy Jungle Network Newsletter, August 2010

Are You Kidding Me?

Last week 90 some people were rounded up in a drug raid in San Diego. More than 60 of the culprits were students at San Diego State. One of the students, a criminal justice major, asked one of the arresting officers, “Do you think this will hurt my chances of employment with federal law enforcement?”

Ya think?

Is it today’s cultural influence that causes someone to even ask that question? Or are today’s college students just dumber than they were decades ago? Or was it just this one?

Moving to Coed Rooms

Chicago Tribune April 6, 2008 sec. 1 p. 6:

Over the last few decades, single gender dorms have become hard to find on a college campus.  Many moved to coed floors, coed suites, and coed bathrooms.  Now a number of schools have instituted coed rooms.  Approximately 30 campuses now have rooms that are officially shared by male and female roommates.   Schools who have made the switch say that gender-blind dorm rooms are more inclusive and acknowledge modern realities.  Most of the schools discourage romantically involved students from rooming together, but maintain that such choices are up to the students.  Critics say coed rooms are one more indicator of the eroding morals on the college campus.  

So do I.

“The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.” -Abraham Lincoln

Religious People Give More

From the “Campus Ministry Update 2008” published by the Ivy Jungle:

Religious People Give More:  Religious Americans give more money and time to charitable causes than their non-religious neighbors.   A new book by Arthur Brooks, Who Really Cares, analyzed ten data sets, concluding that religiosity is one of the best predictors of charitable giving.  Religious citizens give 3.5 times more money, volunteer with organizations twice as often, are 57% more likely to help the homeless, and 66% more likely to donate blood than those who are not religious.   The findings also paint an unexpected political picture as those who are more religious also tend to be more conservative in social and political issues.  In fact, of the 25 states with above average charitable giving, 24 voted for George Bush in the last election.  In Arkansas, citizens donate an average of 3.9% of their income, while in Massachusetts it is only 1.8%.   Good news for religion, however, among religious people, the data showed nothing distinctive about those who consider themselves evangelicals.  (Books and Culture January/February 2008 p. 11)