The Dreaded Machine

The torture machine for the knees

As posted earlier, Mrs. Major has a constant physical motion (CPM) machine that flexes and extends her legs. She is supposed to spend six to eight hours a day per knee in the machine. That’s next to impossible.

We call it dreaded because she can’t get in and out of it by herself. Well, actually, she can get out of it if her right leg is in it because she can roll to the left out of the bed lifting her right leg as she rolls. When her left leg is in the machine, she can’t roll to the left 1Her side of the bed is the left side when she’s laying on her back. It’s hard to get into because there’s a furry extension that she must lay on with her butt and it’s nearly impossible to get flat. The wrinkles make her sore: the princess and the pea sort of thing. The photo is an early one (bandages still on) of her leg in the dreaded machine.

She was a little down this morning. She’s getting very tired of not being able to go at it full steam ahead. She’s tired of the achy knees. And she’s tired of not ever being able to get comfortable. 

The great news is that her flexion is 103º in her right leg and 105º in her left. I think she has the dreaded machine cranked up to 109º. I heard great cheering from the other room when the therapist did the measurements.


1 Her side of the bed is the left side when she’s laying on her back.

4 thoughts on “The Dreaded Machine

  1. And here I was complaining about a fracture splint on my left foot! Poor woman.

    For under her purchase sheepskin. Medical supply stores should have it.

  2. Jay didn’t have that furry extension when he used that machine a little more than a year ago. We never saw anything like it. I wonder if she could request that it be removed. It doesn’t seem to serve any purpose.
    As you know, Jay loved his machine and hated to see it go.

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