Tiger Does It Again

I’m finally recovered from the trip. After watching the playoff and sudden death playoff, we took the redeye (10 pm takeoff from San Diego) to Philly then to Tampa then drove home. I got home around 2pm Tuesday. Too tired to do anything but veg until bed time.

The playoff: We watched Tiger and Rocco tee off from hole 1, make their second shots, and finish the hole. Then we went to hole 5 about where the shots would land. We were able to see them on 4 when they went by and all of the play on hole 5. Then we headed over to 9 and did the same thing. Next was 14. We stayed up near the green because the hole was short that day and we wanted to see them drive the green which neither did. Next we sat on the ice plant across the chasm from 16 and watched from there. Then we went to 17 and watched from about mid fairway. As soon as they finished 17 we headed for the volunteer tent (18 was impossible to get to) and watched 18 and the sudden death on the big screen TVs while enjoying a snack and soda.

All I can say is, “Tiger is amazing.” 

I saw on the news, today, that he’s out for the season because of his knee. Not a bad record for 7 tournaments this year. Let’s hope and pray that his knee will recover.

Here’s a video of Tiger at the driving range. I can’t figure out how to rotate it so it’s right side up.


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