Time for a Change

It was about time to change the theme of this blog. The pirate theme was getting a little old. What do you think?

8 thoughts on “Time for a Change

  1. Yep. In fact, this was one of the aircraft from my last squadron, The Patrol Squadron Six “Blue Sharks.”

  2. The photo of your plane reminded me of one time when I got to go up with the Golden Knights (http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/goldenknights/Webpage2005_content.html) for the newspaper when I was an editor. I am phobic about heights and couldn’t believe my eyes when the team just stepped out of the plane! I guess I expected more drama, at least a “Geronimo!” or something. But, no, they just stepped out like they were walking out the front door. Amazing.

    The flight back down scared the bejeebus out of me. I know the flight crew was messing with the press. They warned us at the start of the flight that because of noise abatement regulations, the approach back would have a little bit of turbulence. Then they did a couple of dives where I would have been on the ceiling except for the straps that held me to my bench. But, I have bragging rights now, so it’s all good!

  3. Scoop, too bad you didn’t get to jump with them….not. But bragging rights are a good thing to have. Brag away!

    My philosophy in my career as a Navy pilot was that it’s just not right jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

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