Two Things I’ve Observed

I’ve observed two things from the Democratic National Convention: First, they’ve done a good job of teaching the dignitaries to clap in front of their own faces in case they get a close up during ovations. And Second, Bill Clinton is great at mugging for the cameras. When he sees the cameras on him, he breaks into a big smile, gets wet eyed, and when Hillary is speaking, mouths, “I love you,” and shakes his head just so proudly.

4 thoughts on “Two Things I’ve Observed

  1. I thought it was spontaneous and authentic! Funny how people see exactly the same thing and come up with completely different ideas about what really happened. And really can anyone honestly know what anyone is thinking? 🙄
    What did you think of the Biden tears? True or ❓

  2. What made me think Bill was mugging was one place during Hillary’s speech where he had a dead-pan expression for just a moment while the camera was on him. Then he broke into his grin. Bill’s a great actor. I don’t know if he was completely acting, but he does do a great job in front of the cameras.

    Biden? Probably real.

  3. Maybe he was day dreaming about sleeping in the big bed again. Or having lunch in the Oval Office. 😉
    In front of and off camera President Clinton is awesome!
    Joe Biden? Beau Biden? Probably pretty real. I’d cry too if I or one my kids were scheduled to go to Iraq. 😯

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