Universal Health Care

Formerly called health care reform, now called health insurance reform bill has been delayed until fall. Whew. That was close. I was afraid we’d get a reform bill that nobody in Congress or the administration will have read. Maybe there’s time now to get some things right. (Warning: this is Congress, however).

3 thoughts on “Universal Health Care

  1. I on the other hand am saddened by the inaction of Congress. Everyweek 17,000 Americans file for bankruptcy because they can not pay their medical bills. And while Congress is on vacation 400,000 Americans will lose their medical coverage. That really is not OK with me for this to happen.
    I know what I have read in the Bible and the Koran and other sacred writings and this is not what I believe they are saying when they speak of how to treat one another.

  2. Hi Auntie G, I think that the point of contention (if you can call it that, since we’re not arguing, rather, stating our views) is that the Bible, Koran, and other Scriptures do declare that humans are to be generous and to care for “the least of these”; however, it doesn’t dictate that the government be the mechanism for doing so. I fully agree that care must be afforded (on so many levels) to everone, based on their humanity alone. I do NOT know how to do that, as I don’t truly see the government, as gigantic and unwieldy as it is, as the smart choice for execution of this care.

    I certainly see where the country’s citizenry would choose the government as a solution for the problem of lack of health insurance and affordable care, since no one else is providing a solution. Personally, I haven’t taken anyone in to care for his or her medical needs.

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