What Next?

I’m about back to 100% from my ulcer incident. But…

Yesterday, I cracked my right front incisor (tooth also called #8). It’s one of the two that I had crowned in December ’09 because #9 was off colored as a result of a collision with my brother, Dan, when we were but children. My dentist and Mrs. Major had been after me for years to take care of the unsightly tooth, so I finally did. Now #8 is broken…not only just the crown but also the tooth. I’m scheduled for a root canal and a re-crown on Monday to the tune of about $1100 (my share after insurance). Sigh.

If I’m lucky, that’s what will happen. If the tooth is cracked into the root, the tooth is not restorable and I’ll probably have to have a bridge or a gap. I’m sure the gap will be the cheapest…the bridge costing an arm, torso, and first born child.

Some say bad things happen in threes. Hopefully, the third thing will happen to someone else…someone on a different planet.

2 thoughts on “What Next?

  1. I was just thinking of your last sentence. 😀

    I told Wil when I die before he ever marry again check her mouth as I’ve cost him enough all these years. I needed an implant and I told the dentist, “no we just buried our son with 4”. He made what he called a permanent temp for me. Back molar.

  2. OK, first of all I was sure we agreed to stop the madness and #2, your first born is MINE, should she ever need rehoming. And I’ll take your second born also, in case you were wondering. hahaha
    Never mind the $1100, just shove a chicklet in there and call it done.
    We’ll be thinking of you and your gap tomorrow. Hope all goes well! xoxo

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