Why No Cameras

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Bonnie asked , “Why no cameras [at the U.S. Open during the competitive rounds].”

Good question, Bonnie. If you’ve ever watched the British Open, where they allow cameras and cell phones, you’ll often see golfers back off of shots and glare at the crowd. That’s because somebody was “clicking” their photo as the golfer was about to make his shot, interrupting his concentration. They have enough trouble trying to get some fans to be quiet during the shots, much less trying to get the “cool action photo”.

On practice days, they’re not trying to win a tournament, so they allow the clicking. They also allow fans to get autographs between holes. Practice days are very relaxed. Competition days are very intense. 

4 thoughts on “Why No Cameras

  1. Sitting here on my sofa watching the Open and reading about you being there!!! I am SO jealous! Hope you are having a great time. Will watch for photos! jer

  2. Thanks. I couldn’t figure it out as flash wouldn’t be invoved. I didn’t think about clicking as my little cyber shot you couldn’t hear. 😛

  3. Pro cameras are totally loud. We can hear them over Zack’s (loud) soccer games.

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