Sometimes Dentistry Is Not Perfect

Went in today to my alternate dentist to have the permanent crowns installed on 18 and 19. The one on 18 fit perfectly, they couldn’t get 19 to fit. So they took new impressions and had to send in for a new one. 2.25 hours shot.

I say alternate dentist because my regular dentist insisted that I replace these two crowns then proceeded to give me an estimate of $2400. So, since my insurance is crap (will probably pay $250 for each) and my regular dentist refused to negotiate, I shopped around and found my alternate dentist who is doing them both for $1398.

Got me to thinking. If we had to shop around for medical care instead of our insurance paying most of the bill, maybe medical care wouldn’t cost so much. Just saying.

Scanning the Paper

As you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t published anything substantial in quite some time. I’ve just not been very motivated to express my observations of the world lately. Maybe I’m just lazy.

Anyway, not to break the string of insubstantial posts, here’s a fun article I found in this morning’s The Daily Sun:

Wilmington News Journal, Delaware.

In an effort to have a little fun and reverse an age-old stuffy stereotype, teams of librarians across the country are gearing up to compete this weekend in the Book Cart Drill Team World Championship in Chicago at the American Library Association’s annual meeting.

Think a blend of synchronized swimming and Rockette-style dancing.

This will be the third year the Delaware Diamonds have competed. The first year, they came in third. Last year, they didn’t place. But this year, they’re going for the ultimate prize: a gold book cart.

I think this would be loads of fun to observe.