Global Warming MIA in Central Florida


Robellini Palm
Robellini Palm

Rats! For the fourth time we will have to cover our plants this winter. This is double the number of times per winter since we’ve moved to Florida in February 2004. In addition, the total number of freeze nights so far (including tonight) are 13. We usually have two. Whatever happened to global warming?


Of course it’s my fault. If we hadn’t bought two Robellini palms and had kept the hibiscus potted and indoors, I wouldn’t have to cover anything. Despite plant covers, the poinsettias are trash. Too late to cover them now.

I know all you folks who live north of the frost line are saying, “Whine, whine, whine.” But, hey, we moved south to get away from all that.

Higher Beer Prices: Hops Scarce

The Villages Daily Sun quoted the New York Post regarding global warming and beer prices:

High beer prices are on tap, and global warming could be to blame.

The environmental crisis has hit suds-lovers where it hurts most–at the bar and in the wallet–as prices of grains and hops soar, activists say.

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Interesting Stuff on Global Warming

Take a trip to and read Thomas Sowell’s three part series on global warming. There are three parts: one, two, and three.

Also, if you have an hour and fifteen minutes, check out The Great Global Warning Swindle 1no longer available on recently aired on Britain’s Channel 4.


1 no longer available on

Oh, No. More CO2

The BBC reports, “Several thousand people have been evacuated from their homes in Ecuador by continuing volcanic eruptions.

“Tungurahua has been spitting out ash and lava for three days, and emitting loud explosions. It returned to life in 1999, after a century of inactivity.”

Just today, The Jakarta Post reported, “Mt. Karangetang on Siau island in Sangihe regency, North Sulawesi, has been spewing clouds of hot ash and lava for the last five days, forcing the evacuation of thousands of residents, an official said.”

So far there are no reports of fatalities in either eruption, but Tungurahua and Karangetang have spewed hundreds of tons of ash and *gasp* carbon dioxide 1Think global warming into the atmosphere.


1 Think global warming