Global Warming MIA in Central Florida


Robellini Palm
Robellini Palm

Rats! For the fourth time we will have to cover our plants this winter. This is double the number of times per winter since we’ve moved to Florida in February 2004. In addition, the total number of freeze nights so far (including tonight) are 13. We usually have two. Whatever happened to global warming?


Of course it’s my fault. If we hadn’t bought two Robellini palms and had kept the hibiscus potted and indoors, I wouldn’t have to cover anything. Despite plant covers, the poinsettias are trash. Too late to cover them now.

I know all you folks who live north of the frost line are saying, “Whine, whine, whine.” But, hey, we moved south to get away from all that.

4 thoughts on “Global Warming MIA in Central Florida

  1. I started having husband move plants off the front porch. Now they tell me Sunday it may freeze and they are on the North side of the shed! Oh well I can drag covers there but doing the Night Blooming Cactus will be a trip. I had him help me plant that in a pot and it can’t be moved indoors.

  2. I think it is called climate change. And that would explain exactly what has happened to your beauuutiful palms. They are beauuutiful! 😀

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