Nov 25th, 2013 by Mike

We just got home from a Caribbean cruise with our good friends, Jerry and Lori Roames. I just picked up the accumulated mail and we are inundated with 27 (count ’em twenty-seven) catalogs.

Great Weekend
Jun 4th, 2013 by Mike


Dave At The Finish


He Deserves A Medal

On Saturday, Dave Erickson, ran a 1/2 ironman triathlon. A half ironman consists of a 1.2 mile swim, followed by a 56 mile bike race, followed by a half marathon (13.2 miles) run. He completed the feat in 6 hours 40 minutes and 37 seconds. Well done, Dave!

Dave’s long time friend, Jon Scott, came up from the Miami area to encourage Dave. It was great to spend some time with Jon. We haven’t seen him since he moved south many moons ago.

It had rained most of the day for the previous two days, and it was raining at 4:30 when Dave arrived to check in and get his number (004 by the way). But by the time we got to the venue at 5:15, the rain had stopped and by the time the race started there was a cloud cover but no rain. The clouds stayed most of the day and the sun peeked through a couple of time during the race. The high temperature was 81.

Needless to say, I’m very proud of Dave and his accomplishments. The half ironman is a great feat for a 42 year old who hadn’t done much strenuous physical exercise since his stint in the Marine Corps just after high school. Dave has become a generous, industrious,  man of integrity. And I’m proud of him.

Great Weekend
Feb 1st, 2010 by Mike

Mrs. Major and I had a great weekend (Thursday – Saturday) in St. Augustine celebrating our 44th wedding anniversary. We walked on the beach, ate lavishly, shopped in Old Town, toured the fort, drove around, and visited the World Golf Hall of Fame. All-in-all a relaxing, romantic get-away.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece
Dec 7th, 2008 by Mike

Thanksgiving Centerpiece by Mrs. Major

Thanksgiving Centerpiece by Mrs. Major

This is the centerpiece that Mrs. Major designed for the Thanksgiving 2008 table. Pretty creative, huh?

Tomorrow we leave for our cruise. I marked all the books I intend to read as “currently reading” but only five of them showed up in the sidebar. You can see them all by clicking on any of the books then clicking on the “back to library” link on the resulting page.

We’re almost all packed. We’ve got a couple of bags of pecan bark to deliver to the neighbors, and Mrs. Major is finishing up a batch of buckeyes for Son Major who will stop by tomorrow to wish us well on our trip. We’ll load him down with all of the food that would go bad during our trip.

I’ve just finished reviewing our itinerary, making sure all the flights are supposed to go when we thought they would, checking with the hotel we’ll be staying at tomorrow night. We’re spending the night at a hotel near the Orlando airport where we will leave the car during our cruise. It’s a pretty neat deal. 

I’m really not going to post tomorrow, so I’ll “see” you after Christmas.

Aug 9th, 2008 by Mike

We’ve booked two cruises. The first to be booked is on Royal Caribbean in November 2009 to the Eastern Caribbean. We booked that in July. Next we booked a Panama Canal cruise in December of this year. You may think we’re rich, but we’re not. We won’t be eating or driving our car for the next two years.

The itinerary for the Panama Canal caught out attention. It only has one port we’ve visited before, Aruba. The rest will be new to us.

Here’s the itinerary:
Ft. Lauderdale
Cartagena, Columbia
Panama Canal, Panama (transit)
Puntarenas, Costa Rica
San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua
Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala
Huatulco, Mexico
Los Angeles

The coolest thing about the itinerary is that there are seven days at sea including the Panama Canal transit. We love at-sea days.

Lazy Me
Nov 10th, 2007 by Mike

Travel Bag

Well, we’ve been traveling, so I have an excuse for not posting in a while.The trip to Naples, FL, to visit our friends was a wonderful as expected. We had plenty of time to catch up on each others’ lives and families, relaxed, had a couple of great meals at a couple of really good seafood restaurants, and generally goofed around.Now we are in Indianapolis, IN. We decided to come for a wedding for a young lady we have known for 25 or so years, whom we watched grow up, mature, and, now, wed. It was a gorgeous wedding and, as a bonus, we got to visit with several friends we left behind when we moved to Florida.We are now enjoying a few days with our two offspring. I even got to play one round of golf with my son before the weather turned cold and he had to go back to work.Monday, we begin our trek back to Florida to arrive Tuesday evening. Get back to the ‘ol routine, dontchaknow.

Good Ol’ Friends
Oct 29th, 2007 by Mike

Trip To Dallas

Goody. Goody. Goody. We’re on our way to Naples, FL, to spend three days with our good friends Bill and Pam Bache.One of the drawbacks of moving when you retire is that you leave dear friends behind. Bill and Pam are two of the folks we miss the most.I dug out this old photo of us. We were in Dallas, TX, on a day trip through Ambassadair, the travel club of ATA Airlines. It was a mystery trip; we didn’t know where we were going until we got there. It was a fun day as are all of them with Bill and Pam.

Apr 2nd, 2007 by Mike

Yes, we’re back from vacation. Weird calling a trip to the beach with friends a vacation when we’re already on an extended vacation in The Villages. The trip was a huge success. We relaxed, caught up with our friends, and I got to play with my friend Hannah, their 8 year old daughter.

This afternoon we went to see an orthopaedic surgeon for Mrs. Major’s knee. We were pretty much expecting that they would recommend knee replacement. But she was offered cortisone therapy. So she took it. We’re praying it works.

I encourage you to take a trip over to The Daily Detour. He’s a minister at a church in Indianapolis and has a great Christian perspective in timely issues. The above link is to an article titled “The Tragic Necessity of Violence,” and is required reading for anyone in the military, for anyone with a relative or friend in the military, and for Christians. It’s recommended reading for all others. Check out some of his other articles.

Jan 24th, 2007 by Mike

About two months have elapsed since I last wrote of our life happenings. So, after a review of my calendar, here’s a summary:

My kid brother, Tim, who lives in Oakland, CA, came for a visit. He stayed for a few days…we had a great time catching up…his daughter, Anne, is now a freshman at Stanford University…and touring The Villages. Tim was facinated with all the historical plaques around the town squares relaying the fictitious history of the area.

Said goodbye to our good friends Matt and Rachel Anthony. They left for Seattle, WA, to plant a church. Just when we were beginning to get really close . . . God speed.

Attended the annual Belvedere Babes Christmas party. The Belvedere Babes are women who live in our village, Belvedere. They gather for lunch once a month and have a Christmas dinner to which the husbands are invited. This year we went to Vic’s Embers in Leesburg. Nice digs.

Changed the batteries in our six smoke detectors and one CO detector.

Had dinner at a neighbors. They are Thai and fixed the most scrumptious Thai food. Yumm.

Had a Christmas party at our house. This is a tradition and a gift to our neighbors. This year we hung sheets on ropes all around the garage and decorated the tops with lights, making a nice cozy room. Charlene fixed cheese, crackers, and veggies to start. Black bean soup and potato soup and turkey and ham wraps for the main course. And lemon squares for dessert. Of course there was plenty of homebrew, wine, and soft drinks to go around. Great success.

Then we made another trip to Indy for Christmas to enjoy the company of our offspring. Stacey’s beau Todd cooked marvelous meals while we were there. The weather was even good enough for Dave and I to get in a round of golf.

Arranged for our screened porch to be enclosed with acrylic windows. They started work yesterday.

Mrs. Major’s mother died so we went to San Jose, CA, for the funeral and to support the rest of the family. The ceremony was simple but very nice. Helen had been in the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps in the second world war, so she had a military honor guard to play taps and fold the flag. One of her granddaughters read an original poem and I spoke.

Played many rounds of golf.

Mrs. Major participated weekly (except when we were gone) in Operation Shoebox, an organization that sends “care” packages to our military folks in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Participated in weekly worship at Village View Community Church and as youth coaches in the youth group. I’m also in the youth band which leads worship at youth group.

Got a bridge in my mouth. Got my teeth cleaned. Got some lab work done in anticipation of my annual physical next week.

Ordered Mrs. Major’s anniversary present: a one hour massage.

That’s about it. Soon I’ll resume my news/dah oh?/culture/beer/etc. posts.

Are We Crazy?
Nov 17th, 2006 by Mike

Besides the chance to attend the National Missionary Convention, visit long-time friends, and share Thanksgiving Day with our offspring, what possessed us to drive to Indianapolis at the end of November? After last year’s February wedding in Indy, we promised ourselves we’d never come to Indy in the Winter again. Well, I know it’s Autumn, but our blood has had nearly a year to continue it’s thinning process. We’re cooooooooold! What were we thinking? 1Must be the relationships

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1. Must be the relationships
Known to the State of California
Jul 16th, 2006 by Mike

Known to the State of California

Originally uploaded by MajorMike.

I had to laugh.

We were at Harris Ranch. A cool spot to eat between LA and Sacramento on I-5 in California. (They say “The Five” in CA). We stopped to eat and relax on our journey from Arcadia to San Jose. Here was this sign. I’d seen it before in California, but this time I had the camera.

I’m not sure why facilities in CA post these signs or what exactly they refer to (asbestos, mercury in the fish, global warming, contaminated Viagra), but I found the sign hilarious.

How can a state know anything? Scientists know, citizens know, people know, but implying a state knows is like saying, “a rock knows.” Jeepers, the State of Florida knows that drilling within 100 miles of the coast will destroy the tourist trade. Sheesh. It’s the citizens who know, or the experts in the state who know, or the legislators who think they know, but the state who knows?

Actually, those who require signs in the state of California who requred the warning sign I’m making fun of are serious about the risks they are warning about. Too bad they butcher the language in which the sign is written.

Ok, I’m a critic.

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