Known to the State of California

Known to the State of California

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I had to laugh.

We were at Harris Ranch. A cool spot to eat between LA and Sacramento on I-5 in California. (They say “The Five” in CA). We stopped to eat and relax on our journey from Arcadia to San Jose. Here was this sign. I’d seen it before in California, but this time I had the camera.

I’m not sure why facilities in CA post these signs or what exactly they refer to (asbestos, mercury in the fish, global warming, contaminated Viagra), but I found the sign hilarious.

How can a state know anything? Scientists know, citizens know, people know, but implying a state knows is like saying, “a rock knows.” Jeepers, the State of Florida knows that drilling within 100 miles of the coast will destroy the tourist trade. Sheesh. It’s the citizens who know, or the experts in the state who know, or the legislators who think they know, but the state who knows?

Actually, those who require signs in the state of California who requred the warning sign I’m making fun of are serious about the risks they are warning about. Too bad they butcher the language in which the sign is written.

Ok, I’m a critic.


We’re at the Hampton Inn in Chatanooga, TN, enroute to Indianapolis to see our progeny and touch base with some old friends. We had dinner at the Big River Grille and & Brewing Works. The food is always great and the beer is delicious.

This weekend, David, my son, and I will be going on a golf retreat. Two days of golf, some great worship and deviotion time, and good fellowship. Should be cool.

The rest of the week we’ll hang out with the offspring and visit friends. If I feel motivated, maybe I’ll post something.

Emily Faith Graves

Graves Family

Charlene and I were privileged to visit the Graves Family in Grand Prairie, TX, last week for the birth of their new, precious daughter, Emily Faith. At 9 lbs. 2 oz., she was ready to be born, and Kathy was ready to have her.

We’re happy to report that mother, baby, and family are all doing well. We were also surprised that Kathy’s mom, Linda Hurt, was able to be there as well. She was able to hitch a ride with Uncle George at the last minute. He was moving to Arizona and was happy to drop her by. She’s a fun lady.

What a wonderful visit we had. We love Scott and Kathy to death, and their kids are a joy to be around. They are well behaved, smart, and enjoy talking and “playing” with us. We had an engaging and satisfying visit.

John and Cara

John and Cara

My nephew, John Erickson, is getting married in July in California. We don’t have all the details, yet, but we know it’s on the 7th and it will be in Southern California.

We’re trying to decide how to get there as we have another wedding in Indianapolis on the 22nd.

We examined flying, but that is too expensive at this time. Besides, we want to see Charlene’s family in San Jose, up north. Round trip visiting both locations is around $450 each. Yipes!

Soooo… we may drive, even though the round trip is over 6,000 miles. We’d probably take the whole month of July for the trip. We haven’t done that before, but it will allow us to see some sights we haven’t seen in our many travels across the country.

I the past we’ve been in too much of a hurry to see much, so this may afford us the chance to so some site seeing.

Of course there’s no way we’re taking the bus. I’d never get Charlene on one.