Two Summer Brews

Here are the latest from The Major’s Brewery.

The first is a Belgian style Trappist ale commonly called dubbel. It’s a meal in itself. Yummy.

Dubbel Trubbel
Dubbel Trubbel Belgian Ale

The second is an Irish blonde style. This is light and refreshing beer with a smooth mouthfeel from the flaked barley. Although this label says  4.0% alcohol by volume, it’s really 5.9%. I added extra malt after making the label. The labels on the bottles have the correct alcohol percent on them.

Blue Eyed Blonde
Blue Eyed Blonde Irish Ale



New Beers

I brewed these two beers last November and December respectively. I just got around to making the labels. I had them both legged (they still are), but bottled a few later to share with The Villages Homebrew Club and a few friends. I was expecting a blonde ale instead of the amber, but I guess I ordered darker malts than a blonde calls for. So I just brewed a blonde ale last week and a Belgian Dubbel a couple of weeks ago. I just bottled the dubbed yesterday, so expect labels soon.

Stars and Stripes Amber Ale


Death Ray Rye IPA


Got The Brewery Going

Since May 5th, I’ve been busy crafting three different 5 gallon batches of beer. Here they are:

The Major’s Hopalong IPA
The Major’s Clown Nose Red
The Major’s Regimental Milk Chocolate Stout

These are the 72nd, 73rd, and 74th batches of beer I have brewed since I started in 1993. These three are especially good. If I can find the room, I’ll bring samples with me for Old Dad and Patrick when we head for California this fall.

The red is an extract brew. The stout and IPA are all-grain concoctions. If you want the recipe, just leave a comment and if I have your email address, I’ll send it to you. (Don’t leave your email in the body of your comments).

Higher Beer Prices: Hops Scarce

The Villages Daily Sun quoted the New York Post regarding global warming and beer prices:

High beer prices are on tap, and global warming could be to blame.

The environmental crisis has hit suds-lovers where it hurts most–at the bar and in the wallet–as prices of grains and hops soar, activists say.

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