Scanning the Paper

As you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t published anything substantial in quite some time. I’ve just not been very motivated to express my observations of the world lately. Maybe I’m just lazy.

Anyway, not to break the string of insubstantial posts, here’s a fun article I found in this morning’s The Daily Sun:

Wilmington News Journal, Delaware.

In an effort to have a little fun and reverse an age-old stuffy stereotype, teams of librarians across the country are gearing up to compete this weekend in the Book Cart Drill Team World Championship in Chicago at the American Library Association’s annual meeting.

Think a blend of synchronized swimming and Rockette-style dancing.

This will be the third year the Delaware Diamonds have competed. The first year, they came in third. Last year, they didn’t place. But this year, they’re going for the ultimate prize: a gold book cart.

I think this would be loads of fun to observe.

Only In The Villages

One of yesterday’s headlines from The Villages Daily Sun read, “Senior Games Kick-Off With Pickle-ball 1A tennis like game played with a whiffle ball and oversized ping-pong paddles and Line Dancing.”

I find this amusing that this “olympic” event would have competition in two such events. We enjoy many amusing things here in The Villages. One of them is the Senior Games. There are real sporting events like track and field, swimming, cycling, and basketball, but there are some events like line dancing that doesn’t seem to fit. 

Another amusing aspect of The Games is how medals are accounted for. In The Olympics coverage, each country is listed with the number of gold, silver, and bronze medals won. In the Senior Games, just the total number of gold, silver, and bronze medals are announced in the newspaper. Presumably this is because we don’t have localities competing against each other. They may as well just list all the medals they’re going to give out and be done with it. 

We will have several weeks of Senior Games coverage in the Sun. 

We love it here.


1 A tennis like game played with a whiffle ball and oversized ping-pong paddles