Government at Work

USA Today reports that the contractors who spent 16 billion dollars of the stimulus package created 30,383 jobs!

Incredible, the stimulus package is working. It only cost $528,610 per job. If the rest of the package is as successful, the stimulus should create just over one million new jobs.

Let’s turn over more stuff for the government to run.

6 thoughts on “Government at Work

  1. Now, now, watch the sarcasm. And the accounting. By that logic, the US Military in 2008 ($668 billion for 1.45 million active-duty personnel) spent over $450,000 per job. A comparative bargain — but you of all people know what a bogus figure THAT is.

    Of course, that’s still the government running stuff. Let’s see how the super-efficient private sector does. Exxon in some recent year had expenses totalling about $360 billion, and 106,000 employees. That’s about $3.4 million per employee. Looks like it costs a LOT to create those private-sector jobs! I mean, it’s still bogus accounting (like the stimulus figure) but it does make you wonder where all that money goes, huh?

  2. HAHAHAHA, Uncle Tim said to watch the sarcasm. Uncle Tim? It’s our native language. Heheheheeeeee! 🙂

  3. It would have been nice to find out what was produced by the 16 billion dollars. I couldn’t find that in my research. (It wasn’t extensive research.)

    My accounting wasn’t really bogus, it was hyperbolical…a political trick used by both sides of any issue to lampoon the other side and bolster your imagined case. I just have fun with this stuff. (See my blog subtitle.)

  4. Hey, I just noticed your cruise date is in 11 days. What’s the verdict? The economy has improved so…you still going ❓

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