Lazy Me

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Well, we’ve been traveling, so I have an excuse for not posting in a while.The trip to Naples, FL, to visit our friends was a wonderful as expected. We had plenty of time to catch up on each others’ lives and families, relaxed, had a couple of great meals at a couple of really good seafood restaurants, and generally goofed around.Now we are in Indianapolis, IN. We decided to come for a wedding for a young lady we have known for 25 or so years, whom we watched grow up, mature, and, now, wed. It was a gorgeous wedding and, as a bonus, we got to visit with several friends we left behind when we moved to Florida.We are now enjoying a few days with our two offspring. I even got to play one round of golf with my son before the weather turned cold and he had to go back to work.Monday, we begin our trek back to Florida to arrive Tuesday evening. Get back to the ‘ol routine, dontchaknow.

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