This is one of the daylilies I brought from Indiana. It hasn’t performed well here in Florida. This variety is very prolific in Indy, but it barely hangs on in this heat. (By the way, it’s now 7:21 pm and 86° outside. The bloom is the only thing that hasn’t changed from the North to the South. This blossom is roughly 10 inches across, but it sits on a stem that is only 12 inches tall. In Indy these used to be 25 inches tall. They also used to produce three or more fans each year from the primary ones, here I started with two fans three years ago and there are only four now.

I have a couple of other varieties that are doing poorly in this climate. I suspect these varieties, which go dormant in the winter, expect a longer cold spell than the few days we get here in central Flordia.

2 thoughts on “Monster

  1. Pretty. I put in some Asiatic lilies I found some at Lowe’s. One dollar, 3 in the pot.

  2. /Users/billerickson/Pictures/iPhoto Library/2007/04/24/DCP_5690.JPG
    this isn’t going to work—I’ll send you an e mail
    Your plant didn’t want to move—It liked Indiana!!!

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