Mrs. Major Takes The Plunge

Frustrated with the pain and inability to get around as much as she wants, Mrs. Major decided to go ahead with knee replacement surgery–on both knees at the same time. She’s scheduled for replacement on May 15, one month from now. “Bravo!” I say.

Unfortunately, we will probably have to cancel our planned trip to Indianapolis in June for a wedding and visits to friends there, but Mrs. Major just wants to get this over with now.

Son Major and The Major are scheduled to volunteer at the U.S. Open at Torrey Pines in California the second week of June, so we’ve had some neighbors and friends agree to take care of Mrs. Major while we are gone. By that time she should be able to walk around with a cane…or maybe even without one, but she’ll not be able to stand for long periods nor drive. So she’ll need some meals fixed and shopping done for her and someone to help with the rehab exercises between visits from the physical therapist. What a great place we live in.

Of course, she just can’t go in for the surgery. She needs an exam and EKG from our family doc, needs to give of two pints of blood 1That’s going to be fun as they can’t seem to find her veins and end up taking blood from her hand. for later use during the surgery, must take iron pills for a few weeks, go to a pre-op conference at the hospital, and stop taking the myriad of vitamins she takes daily. Oh, and there’s a series of exercises she must do to prepare her knees for surgery.

We’ve talked with several of this doctor’s patients and they all rave about how well their surgeries went. Even some unlikely candidates surgeries went very well and their recovery times were short. We’re pretty comfortable with the whole thing.


1 That’s going to be fun as they can’t seem to find her veins and end up taking blood from her hand.

4 thoughts on “Mrs. Major Takes The Plunge

  1. I know it’s important, but all the pre-op stuff you have to do is very annoying. You finally reach the point where you are ready to go under the knife and you want to just get it over, but noooooo! Glad to hear that Mrs. Major is taking the plunge. I know it’s a scary hassle, but it will make her life so much better afterward. Best of luck to her. She will do great!

  2. Char–Can’t think of any smart remarks at the moment so we wish you well !! The people in this place that have had that done say it is a wonderful improvement to daily living.

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