Old Home Week

Old Dad…this is for you!

Perusing photos from a trip to California, I found these photos:

First is the home in East Palo Alto where we lived while I was in third grade through half of sixth grade.

2243 Menalto
Our East Palo Alto House

It didn’t have the fence when we lived there and the grass was green. The front room with the slider was a garage. I remember my brother, Dan, and I getting our heads washed with Desenex shampoo (horrible stuff) because we had ringworm. Brother Tim was born when we lived here.

The we moved to Mountain View.

1221 Springer
Our Mountain View Home

I lived here until I went away to Willamette University in Salem, OR. Then I lived here off and on for my junior and senior years at San Jose State until I married Charlene. Notice there is no lawn. Dan and I each mowed half of it every Saturday with a reel style push mower. Those were the days.

2 thoughts on “Old Home Week

  1. A few additional notes on the house of n MV:

    There was a basketball hoop above the garage door. Many hours…

    Major Mike painted the entire exterior one summer, having foolishly agreed to do so for, I think, $50, thinking that it was a lot of money (it was!) before discovering that it was even more work!

    The deodar cedar, the huge tree in the foreground, began its stay with us as a Christmas tree in about 1958.

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