Poor Chloe


Poor Chloe. It’s not doing too well. Chloe only bloomed for three days this year and reached a height of only 12 inches. Chloe should be 36 inches tall and bloom for about 45 days. At least it did in Indiana.You can see why this used to be one of my favorites. Imagine the pictured bloom on scapes 36 – 40 inches tall, with 10 to 12 blossoms 8 inches across blooming for a month and a half.Sadly, I think I’m going to have to replace Chloe.


One thought on “Poor Chloe

  1. Poor Chloe—probably has an internal weather forecaster and is terrified of violent weather and misses snow! Another chance might be the nice thing to do——
    What do I Know???
    Old Dad

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