Mrs Major continues to improve. She’s ditched the cane and now walks around even better than before the surgery. She’s still a little tentative, but she doesn’t waddle any more like her knees hurt. She’s cut way down on the pain meds. Maybe she’ll take back some of the household chores.

My golf game continues to improve. I’m pleased with that.

It’s hot. 98º with 50% humidity (5:30 p.m.). 1I’m not complaining. I love the heat It seems cooler, now. Around noon it was 91º with 80% humidity. At least we’re not burning down like California. Or flooding like the midwest did.

Is it just me or are our choices for President getting worse each election? I’ve got my clothespin for my nose all ready. I haven’t missed an election since I was 21 (yes we had to be 21 to vote once upon a time) and I don’t plan to miss this one, but I’m really tempted to stay in bed on election day.

I just upgraded my main Mac to OSX 10.5. I like it. It seems to run faster and has lots of new features I like. I ran into some trouble because all of my web sites I test locally on this Mac before I do major revisions to the Internet ones. When I upgraded, none of them worked. Turns out you have to turn on the programming language and databases with 10.5. Earlier versions were automatically turned on. No big deal…just a few edits to some configuration files, but it drove me crazy for about a day and a half.


1 I’m not complaining. I love the heat

6 thoughts on “Potpourri

  1. Hadn’t heard since the great tourney adventure—do you suppose because you saw Tiger that your game improved?
    Glad Char is continuing to improve–feeling better is good!
    If i ever get brave enough to upgrade be ready for the questions (if I can get through)

  2. Yay to missus, wish I was moving as well today. Oh well by Monday he said.

    As for the election, in PA you had to be 21 to vote and drink and marry without parental consent. Not sure what it is now days. I can’t use the clothespin, nose is too big and I won’t use a snap one. 😆

  3. Three-quarters of the year, I love Southern California, but July, August and September are miserable. Cara and I just got back from a short shopping trip and are now in recovery mode from the heat. I hate this time of year!

    Re presidential candidates: I think we all are always looking for the perfect candidate, the one who really reflects the views and things we want. The problem is, a candidate has to appeal to millions of people, so there is no way we can ever have one that we are completely happy with. My personal preference, John Edwards, didn’t make it so I figure I have to choose between the two who did. Which one more closely reflects my viewpoints? Some elections I get luckier than others and have a reasonably good choice. Others, not so much. I think it is the nature of the beast.

  4. So glad she ditched the cane. She didn’t hit you with it did she? 😉
    My weather is nuts here. Hot and smokey and yuck. Its been coolin off the last nite or two. Hooray.
    Kathie has been up at the Butte fire now that is hot and smokey and yuck.
    I am so happy Charlene is not doing the waddle anymore, that is awesome.
    As far as the election goes, I love it. Waiting for the VP picks. Thats when the fun starts.

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