Quick US Open Update

Mike Weir 

Yesterday we went to see Old Dad and Pretty Betty. It’s about a two hour drive north of San Diego so we rented a car and headed out. We got to spend the whole day with them and Old Dad sprung for lunch. 1Is anyone surprised? Pretty Betty had a cable that worked with my camera, so I downloaded a bunch of pix and put them up on majormike.com. See them here. The photo to the left is Mike Weir.

On the way home, we stopped at Marie Calendar’s in Carlsbad for dinner and to catch the end of  game three of the NBA finals. The bartender, Paulina, had a tattoo of a Salvador Dalì artwork on her forearm identical to the one on Son Major’s forearm. They insisted I photo their forearms. Unfortunately, I left the camera on the table when we left. Fortunately, Paulina knew whose it was and gave it to the manager, Christine, who gave it to me when I drove back to Carlsbad this morning. Thank you Paulina and Christine.

Today was another day of great weather and great golf. Son Major and I decided we don’t have what it takes to be touring pros in the near future. These guys are so good that TV can’t even capture how good they are. I’m glad we came.

Tomorrow our shift starts at 6:45 am PDT. We plan to leave at 5:00 am. We’ve timed the walk/trolley/walk/bus ride/walk at just over an hour. But tomorrow the real crowds start. Let’s hope the fact that Tiger, Phil, and Adam don’t tee off until 8:12 will keep the really early birds in bed for an hour later than we plan to leave.

Son Major is allergic to grass. The rough here is about 4 inches tall and the grass seed heads are abundant. Monday he was sneezing and sniffling all day long. Today, he took a half dose of Tylenol Severe Allergy and was fine all day long.

I got a couple of videos of Tiger’s swing. Of course, I’ll have to wait until we get home to download them due to the lack of a cable. 

From now on cameras are not allowed onto the grounds so no more photos. I don’t know how many updates I’ll be posting before we get home as the Internet here is up and down and is not free. I’ll post when I can.


1 Is anyone surprised?

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