Say It Right, Fercryinoutloud

Why does President Bush continue to say, “Nucular,” when he means, “Nuclear?” Of course President Carter, who was a nuclear power qualified officer in the Navy, says, “Nukee-er.” Come on. You guys are Presidents of the United States. Learn English!

4 thoughts on “Say It Right, Fercryinoutloud

  1. I KNOW!!! This has gotten on my very last nerve for years. How hard is it to pronounce this word correctly? Evidently it’s pretty hard!

  2. Some folks just can’t pronounce some things. My husband can’t say broil, comes out boil.

    My pet peeve is when folks around here say “he got off the car” instead of out of the car. Seems to be a cultural thing.

    But the hated word for me is ‘woken’. What ever happened to I awoke, or where did awaken go?

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