So far, so good

Well, I’ve checked all my accounts and so far nobody’s cleaned me out. You know the funniest thing about this VA fiasco of the theft of 26.5 million veterans’ personal data is that the VA, FTC, FBI, and the media keep saying, there’s no evidence that the perp even knows what he’s got. Sheesh. Do you suppose the perp doesn’t watch TV?

Enough of that. I’m having a ball fiddling around with this site. WordPress, the tool this blog is written in, is very powerful. It has lots of themes and plugins available to make it more powerful.

One is a tool to allow you to subscribe to this blog so that you get email updates when I publish stuff. I promise I won’t use your email address to send you spam or pretend I’m the VA and allow someone to steal it. I won’t give it away, either. You can click the above link or the one in the sidebar. You can also unscubcribe any time you want. Like if this blog gets too boring for you.

Anyway, “toodles,” until next time.