Step One Accomplished

Mrs. Major gave blood for the very first time in her life today. In preparation for the bilateral knee replacement she’s scheduled for next month, she needed to donate two pints of her own blood in case they’re needed during the surgery. She has awful veins for the vampires. In fact, when she gives samples for blood tests, they have to use butterfly needles and get the blood from her hand. Today, the expert from Ocala was in town at the blood center and she drew Mrs. Major’s blood. She had to fish around a little to find the vein in her arm, but she found it. One pint down. One to go.

2 thoughts on “Step One Accomplished

  1. 😯 yeoweee. That is not fun. My veins stick out like crazy too bad I can’t switch for a minute with Char.
    Keep us all posted on the run up to surgery day.
    I’ll be in New Mexico welcoming into the universe granddaughter #3 in June. I can’t be in Florida for the big day for Char but I’ll be spinning all the happy thoughts I can her way.
    I recommend equal parts morophine and Physical Therapy.

  2. Ouch. No fun. I have tiny veins too. That was one of the worst parts of chemo: all the blood tests and chemo infusions, not to mention the transfusions and CAT scan dye infusions. My arms are bruised up today from the blood tests done a couple of days ago. They use the butterfly type needles on me too. Lord, I feel for Char. Georgette is right – Morphine rules!

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