The Latest On The Knees

Mrs. Major continues to make improvements. She’s got her CPM dialed up to 99º. We don’t know what her actual flexion is, we’ll find that out when the PT comes on Tuesday, but that’s a full 9º more than two days ago on the machine. Mrs. Major continues to work very hard at her exercises even though she’s in almost constant pain. She says it’s not any worse than before the knee replacement, but it’s different…mostly in the muscles around the knees.

We’ve been blessed by our friends and neighbors with visits, cards, and meals. Tuesday, Ron and June Rose brought chicken a la king, Thursday, Tom and Mary Kay McCracken brought chicken salad, rolls, and berry pie. Friday Chalit and Potchanee Vinagupta brought a pasta casserole. Saturday, Mrs. Major’s card/swimming group, Rosemary, Carol, Dotty, Roberta, and Judy carried in chicken, salad, rolls, and cookies along with a fun visit. Then last night, Bob and Madeline Helfer brought Mexican food including chicken enchiladas, refried beans, and rice. Today, Jay and Sam Hoppe will be bringing a chicken salad and their smiling faces. We usually eat out for lunch with Jay and Sam on Sunday. Since Mrs. Major is home-bound we’re eating in.

Tuesday, Mrs. Major returns to the doctor’s office to have her staples removed. I told her we could save time as I have a staple remover in my desk drawer. She declined.

2 thoughts on “The Latest On The Knees

  1. Char —You are certainly getting the royal food treatment! I,m sure Mike enjoys it also. Sounds like you are progressing just fine ( with some agony) Enjoy the staple thing!

  2. I’m sorry for the ongoing pain, but love the perspective: “not any worse than before the knee replacement.”

    You’re also an inspiration! I have been a sluggard in my (astoundingly less painful or serious) physical therapy regime, so now I read this and look at the photo in the next post and think, “heck, with Mrs Major going through this, why in the world am I not doing MY exercises?”

    We should have a range-of-motion race — my fingers against your knees — but I bet I’d lose! Keep it up, champ!

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