They Came And Took It Away, Hey, Hey

Mrs Major\'s Smiling Face

In a surprise move this morning, Apria Healthcare, Inc., called to say they’d be by this afternoon to pick up the CPM. We both cheered. Cleveland just left with the dreaded machine. Now Mrs. Major is almost independent.

Bonnie asked what is Mrs. Major going to do while Son Major and I go to the U.S. Open. She can pretty much take care of herself, but we’ve got neighbors and friends lined up to do things like move the newspaper from the driveway to the front door each morning, hang around while Mrs. Major takes a shower, bring meals, and be on call in case she needs someone.

We live in a pretty incredible community. We had several neighbors volunteer to help. Charlene also has some women who play cards together and exercise at the pool together who are all over this. In fact, I think they’re kind of glad to see me go so they can spend more time with Mrs. Major.

Also, I’ve had several requests to see Mrs. Major’s smiling face…hence, the photo taken just a few moments ago. 

Our friends Sam and Jay were puzzled that this was the dreaded machine. Jay loved his machine when he had his second kneed done last year. He nearly cried when they came and got his. I think Jay could get in and out of the machine without help. Because Mrs. Major had both knees done at the same time, this was almost impossible. Thus, in the middle of the night, we’d both have to get up at least twice to change legs, take a potty break, and ice the knee. Having to spend 12 – 16 hours a day in the machine in the bed was another reason she came to dread it. 

Anyway, it’s gone now, and not a day too soon.

5 thoughts on “They Came And Took It Away, Hey, Hey

  1. I just wish I could be with her to help! I’m glad you live in such a friendly, supportive place.

  2. She looks so cute too, crazy knees and all. I am so glad that horrible thing (dreaded machine) is gone. It looked just horrible! Like some sorta torture machine.
    Tell all the wonderful helpers in Florida I said “Thanks for taking care of my sister.” Not to mention you Uncle Mike. You are #1 in my book. I should have let you borrow my cute nurse hat these past weeks. You would have looked fabulous!
    Sweet, Torrey Pines in 3 wake ups 😎

  3. Thanks Mike. Pretty lady.

    Another question. Why do you write half the entry in the email? rotfl 😆

  4. Char—It’s nice to see the whole you again—really pleased you are doing so well!

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